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Coachella Playlist to Jam too on the way there

We know every one who is going to Coachella can not wait until this weekend. We here at Freeryder feel your pain and since we personally cannot be there we want you to have fun and pre game with this Coachella playlist. We will be listening to it this weekend at the Damn Am and too everyone who is going have fun, be safe, and don’t take free drugs from strangers.. at least we warned you. Have fun


Interesssssting Skate Article of the Week

Interesssssting Skate Article of the Week

Check out fashoin designer Gelareh Mizrahi’s gnarly take on deck design. It doesn’t seem very functional. If it’s boa skin it probably has some good grip though. Either way it looks pretty ssssssick. Don’t miss the nice little limerick in the coments

Blog of the week “My life through 18-55mm lens”

Thanks to all of the bloggers and fans that support us and check out the site. We are doing a blog of the week feature so who knows you clould be next. We are always down with photography and really like blogs of this nature since we are so familar with it here at FreeRyder. This blog of the week is “My life through 18-55mm lens” This is a very original blog and has very nice content as well. We like the simplistic layout and the style of the photos and content in this blog. This blog is one worth following if you like photography, women, or quality work. Overall thumbs up for “Mylife blog” and here is a link to check it out http://photographerlesyaliu.com/

DC Shoes: New Shoe The Kremer Pro

Wes Kremers pro shoe is now available and according to Dc has something to do with it being illegal and a hidden weed reference. Either way Wes and the whole DC team shred so check out with Janokski, cupsole, Mike Mo, and Lindero shoe fusion the Wes Kremer Pro. How could you go wrong with that

Adriano Lachovski wins PHX AM 2013

The dust has settle in Arizona and the madness is over and the new champ of PHX AM is Adriano Lachovski check out this highlight video by the Ride Channel to see how he won the contest. Consistency/cleanliness is key in this contest and Adriano does just that.

Place of the week to go ( Chipotle Mexican Grill )

Place of the week to go ( Chipotle Mexican Grill )

Chipotle is one of the chain style resturants that we approve of here at FreeRyder. The first time I ever had one of their burritos was at a skateboarding contest were everyone there got free Chipotle. If they are down with skateboarding we are down but thats just one reason. Food with integrity is their motto which means “finding the freshest ingredients with respec to the farmers and customers” There two most hidden but popular items that you might not see on the menu are are Nachos and quesadillas. Next time you are wanting some mexicana or a burrito check out a chipotle They get a double thumbs up from us here at FreeRyder